When Everyone Needs to Move In The Same Direction, We Streamline Corporate Audits for Win-Win Solutions

We Streamline Corporate Audits for Win-Win Solutions

CFO Connections, We Bridge the “GAAP” for Emerging and Growing Companies
Financial Leadership for Growing Companies


Want the expertise of a seasoned CFO but think it may be out of your reach? Want to spend more time growing your business but only have limited resources?

CFO Connections bridges the “GAAP” for you!

Our clients know they can focus on running and growing their business while we manage their short and long-term financial goals.

CFO Connections is a Tampa based accounting and consulting firm specializing in Part-time CFO and Audit Liaison services. We work with companies across a variety of industries that require a solid foundation of financial expertise, strategy and leadership.

At CFO Connections

At CFO Connections

  • We are your biggest fan – no one will root harder for you than us
  • We celebrate your triumphs and understand your struggles as entrepreneurs because we too are entrepreneurs
  • We are with you every step of the way and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • We have a passion for improvement and education
  • We have the competitive drive to do more than anyone else in pursuit of our dreams
  • We are obsessed about excellence in everything we do

Part-time CFO

Part-Time CFO Services, Tampa Florida

While the need is there, for many emerging and growing companies, it’s difficult to financially justify having a chief financial officer as part of your executive team. Average salaries for CFOs, even at smaller companies, can start at $100,000 or more.

Yet it can be hard to successfully grow your company without the proper financial planning, risk management and careful forecasting of future financial needs that a seasoned CFO can provide.

If you could gain the support and experience of a CFO while retaining flexibility, would you?

Whether you’re a growing or an established business, you know that one of the keys to long-term growth is being able to navigate the complexities of your business’s finances.

Many companies realize the value an experienced CFO can bring to their organization.

CFO Services

Our Part Time CFO Services Can Include:


Cash Flow Management

Narrow the gap between your receivables and payables and leveraging outside resources to improve cash flow.

business consulting Expert Accounting Consultation

Business Consulting

Evaluate and improve accounting and business processes and mitigate risks.


Performance Analysis

Show you the stories your numbers are telling about your operations and help you align resources to optimize performance.


Accounting Support

Coaching and support for your accounting team and technical accounting assistance.


Buying Selling & Mergers

Are you ready for due diligence? Going to market but short on resources?


Tax Compliance

Proper planning during the year to eliminate surprise at the end.


Audit Management

Audit is stressful and takes away resources from your team. Let us streamline the process for you.

business liaison

Business Liaison

You will have access to our network of professionals who are experts in their industries.

Audit Liaison

Audit Liaison Services

The purpose of a financial audit is often to meet the requirement of banks, government agencies, and private investors who are seeking an independent evaluation of your organization’s financial results and reporting processes. They are looking to be assured that your financial statements are accurate and internal controls are strong.

And while companies often fully understand the need of an audit and believe they are prepared to go through one, they often don’t look forward to the actual process. The reality is that an audit can be stressful, it can take up valuable time from you and your team and direct resources away from running your business.

At CFO Connections, we transform your audit experience by focusing on “win-win” solutions for you as well as your auditor. We do that by creating efficiencies for both sides to ensure the audit runs smoothly and takes as little time as possible. As a financial audit liaison, we manage the entire audit process for you from beginning to end. We Help You:

  • Minimize stress on you and your team
  • Communicate and plan the audit with your auditor
  • Limit the time, disruption and downtime involved during the audit
  • Free up your resources so you can focus on doing what you are good at – growing your business!
  • Develop a “win-win” strategy for a successful and compliant audit

We’re able to better manage the process because we bring over 15 years of financial auditing experience to the table. We streamline the audit process and eliminate surprises for business owners and auditors.



Stella Valitutto is a Certified Public Accountant and has been practicing in the public accounting profession in the Tampa Bay area since 1998. She is experienced in audits, reviews and compilations for a broad-based clientele including manufacturing and distribution companies, various service industry companies, treasure hunters, life science industry, with revenues up to $200 million. Stella also has experience with various annual and quarterly filings of the Securities and Exchange Commission, initial and secondary public stock offerings, reverse acquisitions and private placement memorandums. Stella also has experience working with businesses to identify and mitigate risks and providing financial guidance for growing companies. Stella resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband of 20 years, and their two cats Cupcake and Muffin.


Masters of Accountancy, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida


  • Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Association for Corporate Growth Tampa Bay, Member
  • American Society of Women CPAs, Tampa Bay Chapter, Board Member
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants


  • Tampa Connection, Class of 2015
  • Humane Society of Tampa Bay, volunteer
  • Feeding Tampa Bay, volunteer


  • How I coached a team of non-accountants and improved cash flows for a growing business
  • Working with companies across the globe and navigating through the differences in cultures
  • Observing canons, anchors, gold and silver coins and other artifacts brought up from shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean
  • My passion in coaching young staff to become the future business leaders of our industry
  • How I grew up in Hong Kong ended up in the US and became an accountant
  • My most treasured life experiences and what still remain on my bucket list
Stella Valitutto, CPA Certified Public Accountant
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