Audit Liaison

Audit Liaison Services

The purpose of a financial audit is often to meet the requirement of banks, government agencies, and private investors who are seeking an independent evaluation of your organization’s financial results and reporting processes. They are looking to be assured that your financial statements are accurate and internal controls are strong.

And while companies often fully understand the need of an audit and believe they are prepared to go through one, they often don’t look forward to the actual process. The reality is that an audit can be stressful, it can take up valuable time from you and your team and direct resources away from running your business.

At CFO Connections, we transform your audit experience by focusing on “win-win” solutions for you as well as your auditor. We do that by creating efficiencies for both sides to ensure the audit runs smoothly and takes as little time as possible. As a financial audit liaison, we manage the entire audit process for you from beginning to end. We Help You:

  • Minimize stress on you and your team
  • Communicate and plan the audit with your auditor
  • Limit the time, disruption and downtime involved during the audit
  • Free up your resources so you can focus on doing what you are good at – growing your business!
  • Develop a “win-win” strategy for a successful and compliant audit

We’re able to better manage the process because we bring over 15 years of financial auditing experience to the table. We streamline the audit process and eliminate surprises for business owners and auditors.